The #1 Reason You Should Outsource HR Services

Just read an article about a start-up company that found itself at CCMA headquarters because of unfair labour practices and had to pay out 24 months’ salary in compensation?

If you’ve just started a new business, then you’re probably juggling way too many hats at once. Running a business is hard work and particularly stressful, especially with employees.


It’s Not Enough to Know Only the Basics of Hiring and Contracts

In a volatile economic climate such as ours, where businesses fail each year, it’s not enough to just know the basics of hiring and contracts. You need to keep up with labour compliance regulations and tax laws, and avoid mistakes that could easily lead to financial penalties or litigation. Believe it or not, the crippling effects of the incorrect employee can drive any company to its death. Employees have rights that must be respected and the Labour Relations Act (LRA) has processes that must be followed. If not adhered to, employers can face some serious repercussions. That said, if you’re a small start-up company, here’s the #1 reason to outsource your HR services.


You Get to Focus on Growth and Sales by Outsourcing Your HR Services

 HR is a multifaceted practice driven by the government to protect workers’ rights, the employer’s productivity and profits, and referee the relationship between employees, employers, and trade unions, and it involves countless processes, regulations, and practices. HR professionals have to master several areas of knowledge and expertise. Whether its lack of time or negligence, many times, employers fail to follow processes and procedures, and have paid out enormous sums of money. Sometimes, businesses have had to shut their doors. If there is one way to send a business down the liquidation route, it’s by not following the HR processes and procedures set out by the LRA.

Your business is possibly the greatest investment you have, which is why you need to protect it if you want to succeed. When you outsource HR services, you get to invest more time in the expertise and products you provide, and spend less time on compliance and the management of employees. You will get to focus on what you do best, so your business can grow and generate more sales – leaving recruitment, dismissals, holiday requests, absenteeism tracking, performance management, induction and training, and handbooks and contracts with the professionals.

If this sounds like what you need, then you need to outsource your HR services to CHA Group.

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