Outsourcing Payroll: Save, Grow, Thrive, and Stay Compliant

If you’re one of many businesses that made it through one of the most unprecedented events in human history—crashing businesses, skyrocketing living expenses and sinking households, you can make it through anything. However, that does not mean you can get comfortable or return to old ways again. As we progress into a post-COVID world—amid uncertainty and irreparable damage to the economy—many surviving businesses are outsourcing payroll, HR, and other vital departments. Here’s how outsourcing is helping SMEs save, grow, thrive, and stay compliant.


Reduce Overheads

If you’re a stressed entrepreneur still shelling out exorbitant HR salaries, you are potentially throwing hundreds of thousands away each year. When entrepreneurs outsource payroll services, they partner with an expert that works only one-to-two days a week or more. That means you pay for those days only. Comparable to outsourcing a bookkeeper, you get to reduce those astronomical monthly overheads, leaving you with more cash at the end of the month.

Access Enhanced Security and Technology

In-house salary payments come with data breaches, embezzlement, compliance issues, and human error. It happens. In a desperate economic climate such as ours, outsourcing ensures watertight security and the latest payroll software. That eradicates the risks of human error—keeping payroll accurate, business compliant, and therefore increasing productivity and efficiency.

You Get to Focus More on Your Core Business

Today, running a business takes a risk and plenty of perseverance and strategy. When you place your internal high-security payroll processes into the hands of a professional payroll consultant, you reduce risk and overheads and gain time, compliance and expertise. That allows you to free up resources to focus on more business-critical work, further bettering your bottom line.

As we head towards a technology-driven landscape, outsourcing payroll services proves itself as a valuable alternative to in-house processing. However, you must partner with a leading Human Resources and Financial Consulting Company that represents your best interests, like CHA Group. As one of the top payroll outsourcing companies in South Africa— we take care of Compliance, Income Tax, Fringe Benefits, Pension Contributions, Medical Aid, UIF, and many other financial services.

We Ensure Your Payroll is 100% Compliant, Error-Free and Timely

As industry specialists and with over 50 years of experience—we believe that the best way to remain climate-resilient and bounce back from the pandemic is to outsource.  Ensuring payroll is 100% compliant, error-free, and on time—we can help you grow your business and achieve financial success.

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