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Many small business owners think by doing their books. they save money. However, if the bookkeeping is sub-par and contains critical mistakes, it could lead to an unwanted audit from SARS. Also, having an amateur bookkeeper doesn’t do much for your business credibility with investors. By passing the responsibility to a firm specialising in bookkeeping services, the risk of mistakes is eliminated, and you don’t have to stress about extra paperwork.

Bookkeeping Services at CHA Group

Essential Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

As the title states, bookkeepers are crucial when preparing your business for tax deadlines, but that’s not all. Almost all entrepreneurs start small but aim to expand in future. It’s imperative to build a good foundation and make use of experts right from the start, even if the company is still in its early days.

Other than preparing taxes to hand over to the accountant, bookkeepers also offer the following services:

  • Stay on top of incoming and outgoing transactions by managing all business accounts.
  • Eliminate the chance for discrepancies between books and accounts by keeping detailed records.
  • Make sure payments are made when due by invoicing clients on time and following up thereafter.
  • Produce various financial statements to keep owners informed on what’s happening in their business.
  • Help keep good relations in your network by taking care of certain expenses, such as paying suppliers.

In addition to these functions, there are many other tasks we perform to help your small business. For instance, handling foreign transactions, taking year-end inventory, monitoring cash-flow and consulting owners when needed, and taking care of specific HR functions.

Where can you find reliable bookkeeping services?

The most important part of hiring a bookkeeper is to select a professional or firm with a long history in the trade and enough experience to do it well. Our group has been around for more than 50 years and we’ve held on to key partnerships for over 20 years. This, in turn, shows our commitment to the cause and proves that our team is well-equipped to do your bidding.

As a group that’s passionate about accounting, we see every task as a priority and always deliver on time. You can expect fast and efficient service from every individual associated with us, since we have to uphold our reputation for excellence.

If you want accurate and professional bookkeeping services in South-Africa, then we’re the right choice. Get your custom quote online and make sure your business is tax-ready.

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