Companies can’t afford to have operations interrupted by

having to deal with labour and HR related issues and

everyday HR management. 

Employment Equity

Don’t find yourself in a corner.  Avoid penalties.   Ensure that your company complies with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act and supports the growth and success of your business.  Contact CHA Group, your experts in the development and implementation of Employment Equity Plans and reporting.    

CCMA and Bargaining Council 

Resolution and Representation

We use our vast knowledge and understanding on everything from labour law, grievances, human resources, compliance, payroll and wage management to deliver on-point solutions. And as industry specialists in CCMA and Bargaining Council resolution and representation, we use our capabilities/expertise to negotiate positive outcomes to ensure you remain out of the courtroom and at the helm of your business. Of all the cases we’ve ever undertaken at the CCMA we’ve delivered a 100% success rate when we’re involved from the beginning to the end of any human resource or grievance process, that’s when we can make the biggest difference to you.   

Set up a meeting to discuss your needs further, contact us today.

Disciplinary Hearings

We take the personal out of the situation by offering a third party consultant to run your disciplinary hearings. Guiding you through the process as efficiently as possible.

Union Interventions

We engage with unions on your behalf and alleviate the hassles endured during the negotiation process. 

COIDA / Workman’s Compensation Registration

Every employer is legally required to register their domestic worker and gardener for COIDA / Workman’s Compensation. Let us take care of the hassle for you and ensure you are 100% compliant with this new regulation. Bear-in-mind companies also need to ensure they are registered.

Policy development and implementation

Make sure that your company’s disciplinary procedures are as simple as those laid out in Schedule 8 of the Labour Relations Act. 


  • Drafting company policies and procedures including: 
  • Grievance procedures 
  • Disciplinary codes and procedures 
  • Retrenchment policies 
  • HR procedures and policies (leave, sick leave, maternity leave etc.) 
  • Employment equity policies 
  • HIV / AIDS policies 
  • Sexual harassment policies 
  • Training policies 
  • Etc

Labour and industrial consultations

When industrial relations becomes a challenge let us give you the peace of mind knowing that we have your back when it comes to dealing with any issues that might arise We offer advice, guidance and the assistance you need to take swift and appropriate action, fairly and within the bounds of the South African labour law  

Employee Contracts

Taking the leap toward employing staff?  CHA Group gets your documentation in order ensuring all the I’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.   

Retrenchment Negotiations

You’ve reached that place in your business where retrenchments are a necessity.  CHA Group are on your side.  We take the awkward out of a difficult situation and ease the pain for all concerned.  

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