How Labour Broking Benefits Your Company

Ensuring compliance with labour law requirements is of the utmost importance for the employer to minimise the risk of penalties, as well as financial and time losses related to dealing with complicated legal matters. As such, it is essential to use labour broking firms, such as Entirweni Management Services (EMS), when your firm is in need of casual labour.

What is the Difference Between a Labour Broking Service and a Recruitment Agency?

A recruitment agency acts as an intermediate in finding suitable candidates to fill a particular position. The labour broker handles everything from recruitment to HR, transport, payroll, and admin tasks according to the requirements of the law on behalf of the client company.

Why Use a Labour Broking Service?

Compliance with labour law goes hand-in-hand with expenses, such as direct administration of the employee contracts. By using a broking service, your firm is able to save on payroll management, contract setup, compliance, and other costs, since the broking firm handles and takes responsibility for the functions and costs associated with such.

You also save on HR personnel costs. In order to manage the payroll of the employees, you need a payroll clerk or HR member to dedicate time to the task. The broking firm has the infrastructure to handle the processes effectively, and in compliance with labour law requirements, which means you do not need a full-time person to oversee the function.

With the broking firm, such as EMS, already having a database of specialist employees available on short notice, you do not have to go through the expensive and often lengthy process of recruitment. Candidates have been screened, and as such, the process of hiring new employees is shortened. If you need employees to fill a particular contract for an important project that is due soon, you do not have the luxury of time to search for appropriate specialist employees. Fortunately, the broking firm already has a pool of employees to help you fill the positions immediately.

You are able to hire temporary or permanent employees, and know that their skills match the job requirements. Indeed, placements are guaranteed for three months when you use EMS.

Your firm also benefits from outsourcing your payroll function. This means compliance with labour and tax law requirements. The broking firm stays up-to-date with the latest changes in the law, and makes it easier for you to focus on business at hand rather than administration tasks associated with employing specialists in a particular field.

Experience the above, and many other benefits associated with using a labour broking firm in South Africa. Give us a call to discuss your particular employee requirements.

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