Stay Compliant and Reduce Your Business Operation Costs with HR Outsourcing

Many South African businesses are going through a tough time. It is difficult to keep a business afloat in times of financial depression – especially when there are employees to pay. But when things get tough, employees are often the first to go. However, many businesses forget that employees have rights, and if businesses do not meet these rights, they will cough up massive payouts.

In a volatile economic climate, such as ours, where it is predicted that hundreds of South African businesses will shut their doors over the next few months, it is not enough to know only the basics, such as hiring, contracts, and payroll. Since April 2020, thousands of CCMA cases have opened, mostly dealing with unfair retrenchments and unfair dismissals. Can your business afford to fork out tens of thousands just because you never followed the correct disciplinary or retrenchment process?

It is often easy to ignore the human resources side of your business, especially when you cannot afford to hire someone permanently. But after the effects of COVID-19, no business can afford to end up at the CCMA headquarters. If you are an entrepreneur running your business without a proper HR department, outsourcingcan help your business stay afloat and prosper.

You Save Your Business Money

A highly trained and experienced HR employee requires office space and a competitive salary with all the extra benefits, which costs money. While salary and operating costs are the most significant money-saving benefits, HR experts help businesses minimise risk and stay up to date on compliance and regulation, which all go a long way in helping to avoid costly legal disputes.

Avoid Hiring and Training the Wrong Employees

Another way that outsourcing can help businesses reduce costs and even save money is by reducing employee turnover. Hiring the wrong employees can send any business to its knees, which is why employee turnover is one of the costliest aspects of running a business. But new recruitment technology can help with recruiting top talent. Once you have found the best people for your business, you can invest in their training and ensure they have the benefits they deserve.

As a leading HR outsourcing company, we deliver all the above benefits. At CHA Group, we help both small and large organisations with all their labour relations disputes, recruitment, talent management, legal compliance, contracts, payroll, and tax. Whether you need guidance or a labour law specialist to help you fight a CCMA hearing, we are the right labour law outsourcing company to chat with. 

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