How HR Consulting Can Cut Your Operational Costs and Keep Your Business BCEA Compliant

Do all your employees have contracts? Do you have a grievance procedure in place? And who conducts disciplinary hearings? While many employers appreciate the processes around creating a healthy, functional environment, there are just as many that cannot grasp the implications of a disorganised HR department.

Today, business is tough, and bringing down operational costs has become the beacon for business survival – and that’s where HR consulting can take away the pressure. While most organisations have an in-house human resources department, for others, some functions are too complex to maintain in-house. In these situations, an HR consultant can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Let’s take a look at how HR consulting can cut your costs and keep you compliant…


Cost Savings

Saving on operational costs is one of the most significant benefits of HR consulting, starting with reducing the need to hire multiple people for different tasks. Overhead costs associated with performing HR services are typically very high, but a consultant can reduce those costs. You’re not paying a permanent salary with overheads like UIF, medical aid, and pension – you’re paying for hours worked per week. Also, outsourcing costs are variable and expand or reduce according to your business requirements.


Risk Management

The human resources department is responsible for a variety of functions, but above all, it reduces organisational risk. South Africa’s LRA and BCEA change regularly, and it’s not always easy to stay current on the latest regulations. A consultant is well-practised on all the latest regulations, ensuring you comply with processes and procedures put in place by the LRA.

Another aspect of risk management is CCMA lawsuits. Each year, the CCMA oversees thousands of cases taken against employers for not following the correct procedures. A qualified HR consultant will help you comply with these rules, preventing costly penalties, fines, and lawsuits.


Performance Management

Every successful business recognises the importance of the right employees. Just as they can take an organisation to success, disengaged employees can bring an organisation to its knees. But HR consultants help businesses better employee performance by implementing performance management strategies. They asses your current processes, design a system to suit your business needs, and they provide management training.

Let CHA Group help you manage your most valued assets – your people. We have vast experience and expertise in providing complete HR outsourcing solutions across South Africa.

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