All organisations have universal needs that none of them can do without. While companies and their environments differ enormously, all companies need employees. And where employees are required, factors such as labour legislation, tax, recruitment, employment contracts, and a quagmire of other labour issues are involved. Many new companies or SMEs struggle to deal with these demands, and the clever ones use labour consulting services to make life easier and to allow business owners to focus on business issues instead of spending time on consuming payroll, recruitment, and other labour issues.

Labour consulting services can help in the following ways:

  • Labour Laws: The legislative nature of the local labour laws can be fickle. It is, therefore, essential to always be up to date with new laws and amendments to existing laws in order to remain compliant. For the ordinary small business owner, it can be very difficult to negotiate this landscape, and outsourcing all disciplinary procedures, following the Labour Relations Act and dealing with industrial relations issues can take a lot of pressure off the business managers and business owner. Often, valuable advice and swift action are needed in order to deal with a labour issue and getting professionals to deal with these can be very valuable.
  • Labour Broking: Because employing permanent employees can be very expensive, it helps to save money by employing a Labour Brokers services that can help out with staff issues. All businesses go through periods of time during the year where more labour is needed, or perhaps in some cases, specialist labour is needed. This means that the business owner has to recruit staff for these roles. Recruitment can take a long time – sifting through CVs, choosing potential candidates, and then interviewing them can take very long and become quite expensive when it takes time and focus away from running the business in the most productive manner. Employing the services of professional Labour Brokers that have access to labour data basis can ease this load immensely. They have access to all kinds of skilled and unskilled labour that you can employ on a temporary basis, and the business owner does not have to go through the entire recruitment process just to find the correct people for the job. It is crucial for any Labour Broking Agency to have the correct infrastructure and to be compliant when it comes to labour brokerage.
  • Payroll Services: Because you have to compensate your labour force according to the labour laws of South Africa, there are a lot of factors that come into play. The salaries have to be calculated and taxed accordingly, leave days allocated, payslips issued, bank account details entered correctly, and employees need to be paid on time, every time. Using labour consulting services to carry out all these functions, the business owner is empowered to concentrate on other areas of the business that may require more attention.

If you have a business and feel that you require some help dealing with payroll, recruitment and temporary staff, contact us at the CHA Group for more information.

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