When to Make Use of Our Employment Equity Plan Services

You might not have realised it until now that your firm will benefit greatly from our range of employment equity services. We have consulting experts in the design and implementation of EE Plans, and the submission of the reports according to the requirements of the Employment Equity Act.

When to Use Our Services

If your firm has more than 50 employees or your company’s annual earnings are above the designated threshold, you are required by Law to compliant with the Employment Equity Act. You are also required to report on it before the 1st of October. This plan must be developed in consultation with your employees.

Non-Compliance Equals Hefty Penalties

Failure to comply with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act can lead to penalties and legal action against your firm. The Employment Equity Commission oversees the enforcement and governance of the Act and in order to stay in good standing with the Commission, you may want to call in the help of experts. Fortunately, we provide a range of services in this regard, helping your firm to stay compliant with the requirements of the Act.

Part of the requirements is that you need to appoint a senior manager responsible for the implementation of the plan in your firm. If you have not yet done so, act immediately as it is not something that can be accomplished overnight. You can expect random inspections by the Department of Labour and if they find that your firm is not compliant, your firm can face a penalty of R500 000 or more. It is simply not worth the risk and, besides, compliance helps with the balanced growth of your firm.

Our Services

We help you draft and implement your Employment Equity Plan as part of our services. The purpose of the said plan is to make it possible for your firm to eliminate unfair discrimination and to ensure equitable representation of employees from the specific groups disadvantaged in the past. The plan must stipulate the steps you intend to follow to reach your objectives regarding the aforementioned. It is essential to follow the guidelines set out by the Department of Labour when preparing and implementing the plan. This also applies to the reporting with regards to the progress towards reaching the objectives.

Why the Act?

The Act was introduced specifically to promote fair treatment in the workplace and to eliminate instances of unfair discrimination. By complying with the requirements of the Act, you also minimise the risk of having to appear at the CCMA for unfair discrimination issues. The Act was furthermore introduced to ensure implementation of affirmative action measures to address the employment disadvantages experienced by designated groups in the past.


Make use of our services to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act.

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