Labour Law Consultants: Why Businesses Need Them and What They Do

Just read an eye-opening article in the newspaper about a business that had to pay out 12-months salary in compensation because the company director never followed the correct disciplinary procedure? In South Africa, well over 60% of businesses lose their dispute at the CCMA. Why? The CCMA does not care that you dismissed your employee. The CCMA only cares that you followed the correct procedure when you dismissed the employee.

South African Labour Law is all about Procedural Fairness

Established in terms of the Labour Relations Act, 66 of 1995 (LRA), the CCMA defends fair workplace practices. As a result, businesses can’t afford to make mistakes. Every workplace has a responsibility to follow the BCEA and the LRA, which comprise of workplace regulations, guidelines, processes and procedures. If not met, the CCMA will ensure you pay for it.

Labour Law Requires Expert Knowledge and Experience

As a business owner, you’re used to wearing many hats—from finance, marketing, sales, customer service, and HR to payroll. You may have gotten away with running the show over the past few months or years, but you will face many new challenges as your business grows. Labour law is a critical part of running any business successfully, and if you want to avoid regular CCMA visits at your business expands, you need expert consultants on your side. Here are 15 services the consultants can take on, leaving you to focus on core responsibilities.

  1. BBBEE, Skills Development, Employment Equity, and Organisational Development.
  2. Legal representation at CCMA, Bargaining Councils, Labour Courts, Labour Appeal Court, High Courts, the Supreme Court of Appeals, and the Constitutional Court.
  3. Drafting of codes, policies, procedures, employment contracts, and agreements
  4. Consult and advise on all aspects of HR and IR.
  5. Internal conflict management and dispute resolution.
  6. Grievances, incapacity and disciplinary hearings.
  7. Payroll, UIF, and commission structures.
  8. Restraint and confidentiality disputes.
  9. HR due diligence.
  10. In-house training.
  11. Post-merger integration.
  12. Retention strategies.
  13. Retrenchment procedures.
  14. Strikes and picketing.
  15. Workplace Health & Safety.

Your business is your greatest asset, and labour law consultants can help you both save money and make money. Ensuring your business is at the forefront of new legislation, BEE developments, skills development & training, UIF, payroll and everything in between, they will ensure a smooth and seamless employer and employee relationship. Many businesses see a large return on investment within the first year, as not only will the consultants reduce the need for an additional HR Manager salary, but keep businesses legally compliant.

Whether you are looking for labour law consultants to assist with a CCMA hearing or you need help with contracts—contact the team at CHA Group.

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