The cornerstone of any company is its employees – without them, the company cannot achieve anything. Employees are vital assets to the company, and it is important that these resources are considered critical in the management and success of the business. With employees, however, come a lot of work and effort. They have to be paid, new staff members have to be recruited, their annual leave has to be worked out, sick leave has to be recorded, legal issues such as BEE, SETA, income tax and UIF need to be calculated and addressed, and disciplinary procedures have to be managed when needed.

For most small- to medium-sized enterprises this is too much to manage, and it could cost them more than they can afford if they hire an internal team to take care of the HR services. Because of the complexities of HR services, it can be very difficult to manage properly and often, it is more work than what one or two people can do on their own. It is also essential that everything is done strictly according to legislation or the company will find itself in great trouble.

The benefits of outsourcing HR services are undeniable, and these include:

1)   Saving money and time: The overhead costs of maintaining an internal HR services team can be crippling. They will require everything that all the other employees need – office space, benefits and, most importantly, the right skills. This can be very difficult to maintain. Outsourcing HR services may seem expensive on the surface, but when the benefits are compared with the cost, it becomes clear that there are substantial savings in time and money.

2)   Access to expertise: The companies that specialise in the provision of HR services employ skilled and experienced HR professionals who can deal with various HR issues. They also have access to legal teams and other legislative-related professionals to help when required. Outsourcing your HR services provides you with access to expertise and resources that you would otherwise not have.

3)   Risk management: There are substantial legislative requirements surrounding the employment of staff. This includes injury, disciplinary procedures, working conditions, leave requirements, and much more. It is therefore vital that the HR team you employ ensures that your company is always compliant with the latest legislation in the industry. If you don’t have access to new legal information or an expert with knowledge of compliance, you may end up in trouble, and this could cost you your business.

Considering these benefits, why not save yourself a lot of money, time and risk by employing the HR services of CHA Consulting? We are here to answer your questions – just give our expert team a call today!

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