3 Reasons to Make Payroll Outsourcing a Priority in Tough Post-COVID Economic Times

South Africa’s business landscape is witnessing drastic change. With HR and payroll departments tested, COVID leaves many SMMEs little choice but to close shop or retrench and downscale. Instead of paying high city rentals and multiple unsustainable HR salaries with benefits, savvy entrepreneurs outsource their internal HR departments. If you’re a struggling entrepreneur still shelling out huge HR salaries, here are three reasons to make outsourcing payroll a priority in tough post-COVID times.

  1. Gain Access to Intelligent Automated Technology

There are many reasons small businesses fail. Besides poor management and lack of finances, outdated systems are a huge cause. But throw in a pandemic, and you have chaos and human error. HR departments must now track daily retrenchments, salary deductions and changes, terminations, sick leave adjustments, and monthly legislative regulation changes. Adding to that, the best HR, Accounting and Payroll software cost money, which is something small businesses do not have. But if you were to outsource payroll, your business will immediately gain access to the latest payroll software. That eradicates the risks of human error—keeping your payroll accurate and your business compliant.

  • Superior Data Security

Payroll processing is a time-consuming process, and it is also high-risk. Not only must payroll employees worry about mistakes, but also data breaches. Adapting to remote working policies means logging on to the cloud from home, compromising security. In a criminal-desperate environment where hackers develop innovative ways to steal and embezzle, outsourcing ensures watertight security.

  1. No More Big HR Salaries with Benefits

End-to-end payroll outsourcing frees up time and allows entrepreneurs to focus on their core business tasks like sales and marketing. Your business will save tens of thousands each month, all while reducing your compliance risks and ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on time. It is a win-win for you and your employees. But first, you must partner with an outsourcing company that represents your best interests. You must partner with a specialist outsourcing company that will get your business back on track, like CHA Group.

3. Drive Your Business Forward with CHA Group

CHA Group is one of the leading Labour Law, Industrial Relations and HR- outsourcing companies in South Africa, with over 50 years of specialised experience. As industry specialists in CCMA resolution and representation, we provide a hands-on service with excellent delivery. Using creative ideas and innovative resolve to realise the best results for our clients, we take care of Employment Equity, Policy development and implementation, Labour and industrial consultations and accounting, HR and Payroll.

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